Medical Caps

The primary function of medical caps is to provide protection for the patient and the medical operator from infections by a physical barrier, much like hospital gowns. Caps also stop loose hair being exposed through covering of the hair.
There are a number of substances which must be protected against in a surgical environment, including body fluids like blood and chemicals agents used during surgery.
Potentially infectious material that medial caps may defend against includes microbial agents such as bacteria and viruses.
Medical caps primarily protect the patient by preventing hair which may harbor contaminants from falling and making contact with the patient. It also protects the medical operator from hair-borne contaminants.
Medical caps are available in three primary styles – Bouffant caps, Mob caps and Surgeon’s caps. The distinctive feature which differentiates these cap styles is their shape and structure.
Bouffant caps are the style of medical caps that are predominately use in a medical environment. They are identified by their loose, baggy appearance. These caps offer additional space for long hair or hair that is tied in a bun. Because women have longer hair on average than men, the majority of women select this cap to wear during a medical procedure.
Mob caps are distinguished from other caps by the bonnet shape. Its chief application is to enclose hair. This type of cap also has space for longer hair or hair that is tied up, however not as much as the bouffant style.
The third type of cap is the surgeon’s cap, and is worn by the surgeon during a surgical procedure. Unlike the elastic tie style of cap, like the bouffant or mob cap, the surgeons cap is fixed in position by tying it at the back of the head, and is easily put on and removed.
Medical caps are composed of two main materials, polypropylene and spunlace. Polypropylene is the most prolific material, and the majority of caps are made from this material. The advantages of polypropylene are that it is useful in repelling water as well as being chemically resistant. It is also lightweight, comfortable and elastic, durable and has insulating properties.
All of the medical caps in the range offered by Biologica are 100% latex free, making them available for use by everyone regardless of any allergy to latex.



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