Cotton Swab

Material of the Stick: PP, PS (can Break It Off)

Diameter of the Plastic Stick: 2.5mm-4.0mm

Length of the Plastic Stick: 75mm-400mm

Diameter of the Cotton Tip: 4-15mm

Length of the Cotton Tip: 15-50mm

3″  100pcs/bag 10bags/box,  20boxes/ctn,  47 X 37 X 23cm3

6″  100pcs/bag 10bags/box,  20boxes/ctn,  43 X 37 X 37cm3

6″  50pcs/bag 20bags/box,  8boxes/ctn,  63 X 37 X 49cm3

8″  50pcs/bag 20bags/box,  8boxes/ctn,  63 X 37 X 58cm3



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