Dental Cotton Rolls

A: 20g/bundle, Dia: 7cm

Φ 0.8cm X L3.8cm, 56pcs/bundle, 75bundles/ctn

Φ 1cm X L3.8cm, 41pcs/bundle, 75bundles/ctn

Φ 1.2cm X L3.8cm, 30pcs/bundle, 75bundles/ctn

Φ 1.4cm X L3.8cm, 23pcs/bundle, 75bundles/ctn

Packing: 36 X 22 X 20cm

B. 25g/bundle, Dia: 7.2cm

Φ 0.8cm X L3.8cm, 60pcs/bundle, 40bundles/box, 12boxes/ctn

Φ 1cm X L3.8cm, 50pcs/bundle, 40bundles/box, 12boxes/ctn

Φ 1.2cm X L3.8cm, 38pcs/bundle, 40bundles/box, 2boxes/ctn

Packing: 61 X 47 X 43cm



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