Examination Gloves

The primary function of examination gloves is to protect the user from cross-contamination when handling a patient or potentially infectious or contaminated material.
Examination gloves are differentiated from regular gloves in that they are relatively thin, can conform to the skin and are generally more suitable for a clinical/medical environment. However, they are not surgical gloves, and should never be used when performing surgery (surgical gloves used).
The latex gloves range is high in elasticity providing prime conforming ability and comfort, and is also durable and lasts for extended periods of time. Because latex has natural properties, it is more environmentally friendly than other materials. They are also resistant to punctures.
The nitrile range is manufactured from synthetic polymers of high quality. This material is less prone to causing allergic reactions (unlike latex, which people can be allergic to) and skin irritation. They are extremely resistant to punctures and highly touch sensitive.
The vinyl range offered is the least expensive, and is an alternative to latex gloves for those allergic to latex. They are ideal for short term use with low chances of risk. Whilst not as elastic as the other materials, vinyl gloves are anti-static.
The stretch vinyl range is composed of vinyl, like the vinyl range; however, it has a better conforming ability for a more comfortable experience when using them. It is still a relatively economical option.
Gloves are available in sterile and non-sterile: sterile gloves recommended for invasive examinations and non-sterile gloves suitable for non-invasive i.e. patient transportation.
All variants of examination gloves are available in powdered or non-powdered surfaces. Powdered gloves prevent them from sticking together and thus easier to use, however, the non-powdered versions are more beneficial for the wearers’ skin. Selection should be made based on the requirements of the task and personal preference.



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