Mini Skin Graft Blade

Fits no.3 handle fitment, 5cm long cutting edge (optional both side sharp edge), Available with or without plastic handle, made from stainless steel, supplied sterile 10 pcs in a box.
  1. Where appropriate, surgical handles should be thoroughly using warm soapy water
  2. To avoid damage to the handles during cleaning or sterilization a tumbling action is not recommended
  3. Handles that have been cleaned should the thoroughly inspected for any damage or wear.
  4. Re- Sterilization of surgical skin graft knife handles by moist heat should be carried out in accordance with BS EN 554 : 1994
  5. Before use, all handles should be checked and inspected to ensure that the blade is attached to the handle correctly and securely
  6. Handles that have become worn or damaged should not be used


  1. The equipment must be operated under the jurisdiction of a qualified or licensed person and by an operator who has the skill required for the medical procedure, and that he or she must act according to the operating procedure defined by the qualified or licensed person.
  2. Sterilize before use.


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