Wow Gauze Bangage

Cotton Yarn: 40’s X40’s

Color: White Bleached,

Chlorine Free, Non-Toxic, Non Abrasive, Latex Free, Clean and Dust Free

Mesh: 18×11, 18×14, 19×9, 19×11, 19×15, 20×12, 24×20, 26×18, 28×24 or Other Mesh Per Customer’s Demand.

Size: 1″/2″/3″/4″/5″/6″x 3yds, 1″/2″/3″/4″/5″/6″x 4yds,

1″/2″/3″/4″/5″/6″ x 5yds, 1″/2″/3″/4″/5″/6″x 6yds ,

1″/2″/3″/4″/5″/6″ x 10yds or Other Size

Sterile or Non-Sterile

Sterilization Method: EO or Gamma

Sterile Packing: Each Roll In Transparent PE Airproof Pouch or Other Packing Per Customer’s Demand

Non-Sterile Packing: 1doz/ Blue Kraft Paper Packing



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