Kollgut™ Sutures ( Chromic or Plain Catgut)

The KOLLGUT CHROM (Chromic gut) is a collagen absorbable obtained from bovine animals and the serosa of the cows. Both are intestinal membrane. These are washed and sliced lengthwise into strips of variable width, classified according to the desired diameter, twisted, bathed in chromic salt*, dried and polished selected by diameter.
*Chromic salt prolongs the time of absorption of the stitch in the body while the tissue heals.
Type of thread
Multifilament twisted monofilament, with polished surface
Reabsorption time
  • Absorption by enzyme.
  • Strength Retention Profile about 21 – 28 days after implantation.
  • Predictable absorption (loss of mass) in 90 days.
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