Shoe Covers

The main function of shoe covers is to provide protection for the patient, the medical operator and the shoes they are wearing from contaminants, by a physically covering the shoe. Shoe covers are of utmost important in the operating room, where strict sterile conditions must be upheld.
There are numerous substances which must be protected against in a surgical environment, including body fluids like blood and chemicals agents used during surgery. Patients are protected from contaminants which may reside on the shoe or sole of the medical professional.
Shoe covers are disposable and should be used only once, to prevent contaminants collected in the operating room from being introduced into the outside environment. Potentially harmful substances which can be transmitted include bio hazardous body fluids, infectious material and debris. Due to their protective abilities, shoe covers are also used in industries which require sterile conditions and products, such as the food industry and catering services in nursing homes.
There are two styles of shoe covers offered by Biologica. The regular shoe cover and the boot covers.



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